About The Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad

Agriculture sector deserves authentic position in boosting national independency, rising rural development, enhancing Food–Security and promoting national health. The sector widely enjoys climatic diversity and rich reserves for generating productive occupation, comparative advantage in production and exporting surplus products to local and foreign markets.

Agriculture sector displayed substantive indicators over the past years e. g. 14% share in G.D.P., 20% in employment and over 80% in foodstuff production for domestic consumption. These advantages are significantly remarked for productions, occupation, exportation and rational exploitation of natural resources supported by scientific research as well as people’s participation across the nation.

Now the sector has taken the lead for higher yield and quality production followed by enhancing rural status, preventing migration trend and generating socio-economic justice at national scale. All these commitments have been anticipated within the framework of the 5-Year National Development Plans supported by policy–makers in favor of socio–economic promotion nation-wide.

During the past years, agriculture sector has experienced profound changes and prosperities in many areas but however, invasion of many challenges including natural disasters i.e. severe drought and flooding have intensified the situation and stagnated proper growth and progression of the sector.